Published: 02/06/2013

8th Annual Mammathon Results in a Record-Setting 224 Scheduled Mammograms

At the end of January, women throughout the community were contacted during the Evangelical Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health’s 8th Annual Mammathon, an event designed to encourage women to schedule their annual mammogram. The theme of the event, “Freeze Out Breast Cancer,” motivated callers to stress the role mammograms play in freezing out late stage breast cancer through early detection.
During the three-day event, Evangelical physicians, nurses and other caregivers reached out to encourage patients who were due for mammograms to schedule them. The calls gave trained medical personnel the opportunity to talk about the importance of having a mammogram and allowed one-on-one opportunities to address questions and concerns related to breast health.
As a direct result of this year’s Mammathon, 224 patients scheduled a mammogram at the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health, the highest number of appointments achieved at any single Mammathon held by the Center. In addition to the already scheduled appointments, patients continue to call and schedule from messages left during the event.
John Turner, MD, FACS, Medical Director of the Center, said, “The efforts of these dedicated professionals making calls during the Mammathon have and will continue to save lives as patients whose cancers are diagnosed through scheduled mammograms receive timely treatment they otherwise would not have had.”
For those who put off mammograms because of difficult financial situations or because they are under or un-insured, the Center recently received two grants, one from the Susan G. Komen Foundation and one from the Degenstein Foundation, that extended the number of studies the Center is able to offer women who are financially unable to pay for the screening or follow-up imaging.
For more information on the funding available and convenient mammogram scheduling, call the Thyra M. Humphrey’s Center for Breast Health at 570-522-4200.
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