Published: 01/20/2011

Evangelical Community Hospital Introduces Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement


With thousands of baby boomers facing hip and knee replacement, a new operating table and surgical technique at Evangelical Community Hospital offers the opportunity for less pain and shorter rehabilitation times. Evangelical recently purchased the HANA® Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Table, which allows the surgeon to more effectively move the leg during surgery to best position the hip socket, ball and femur insert for proper fit. Using this special table allows for a surgical technique that does not require an incision in the muscle of the hip or leg, which leads to an easier and shorter recovery period. The HANA® table also allows the surgeon to take X-rays during the procedure to ensure precise fit and placement of all components.

The anterior approach is a technique new to Evangelical’s established Joint Replacement Center. The patient lies on his or her back for the surgery, as opposed to on his or her side for a traditional hip replacement. The incision is very small, and rather than cutting the hip muscle, these muscles are simply moved aside, allowing for clear access to the hip joint. After completion of the replacement procedure, there are no muscles that must be repaired.

Patients benefit from this new approach to hip replacement in a number of ways, including accelerated recovery time, and no restrictions of movement during recovery. Patients can often more freely bend their hip and bear their full weight immediately or very soon after surgery. There is also the possibility of reduced scarring, because the technique used with this table needs only one small incision. Other benefits include a smaller risk of joint dislocation following the surgery and less tissue trauma.

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