Published: 10/29/2012

Evangelical Community Hospital Ready for Hurricane Sandy

Evangelical Community Hospital continues to monitor the progress of Hurricane Sandy and is taking steps to minimize the impact of the storm on Hospital services and patients.
All Hospital services are open and available to patients at this time. The status of Hospital services will be evaluated and announced as the situation develops. Announcements will be made through the local media and Facebook. Patients with procedures scheduled for Tuesday, October 30, will be contacted should the procedure be cancelled.
“I want to assure the community that Evangelical is ready for this storm and is committed to providing the very best in patient care even in the worst of conditions,” said Michael N. O’Keefe, Hospital CEO. “Our employees regularly practice emergency response drills and have developed extensive plans for such occasions. We want to encourage everyone to take every precaution to keep you and your loved ones safe.”
Family and friends of patients can rest assured that patient care will not be affected by loss of power or flooding. The Hospital is equipped with sufficient back-up power supply to keep all essential equipment operational and arrangements are being made to maintain appropriate staffing levels.