Prepared Childbirth

August 3, 2016 Evangelical's Childbirth Education Class.

Prepared Childbirth

August 6, 2016 Evangelical's Childbirth Education Class.

Hello Baby

August 8, 2016

Help pave the way for a smooth transition to your expanding family by educating siblings on the care of a newborn. 

Empty Arms Support Group

August 15, 2016

Support group following the loss of a baby.


Newborn Care

August 15, 2016

This four-hour class prepares you for taking care of your newborn. 

Better Breathers

August 16, 2016 Better Breathers Club

Prenatal Breastfeeding

August 17, 2016

This one-night class for mothers and support persons will cover breastfeeding.

Comprehensive Blood Screening

August 18, 2016 A low cost blood screening to detect health issues

AARP Smart Driver

August 24, 2016 AARP Smart Driver

Stroke Support Group

September 6, 2016 Stroke Support Group