Access to Healthcare

The healthcare system can be complex and confusing. We are here to help you understand the system and help you take full advantage of our offerings.

Find a Doctor

We have many doctors and different specialty areas so that we can meet your many different healthcare needs. But finding the right doctor for you shouldn't be hard. To find a doctor, you can:

  • Use our Physician Finder
  • Call us at (570) 522-2884
  • Look at your healthcare insurance provider's website

Bioethics Committee

With as complicated as the healthcare system and its treatments are today, patients are bound to have ethical questions. Do you have any questions or concerns about continuing your medical treatment, your rights and responsibilities as a patient or end-of-life decisions? Our Bioethics Committee is here to help.

Patient Information

When you're in the hospital, chances are that you're more concerned with your health than you are with navigating the hospital process. This is one area that you shouldn't worry about, so we provide you with information to help you navigate the experience.

  • Registration and Admissions
  • Patient Handbook
  • Billing
  • Insurance
  • Medical Records
  • Complaints and Grievances

Wellness and Prevention Initiatives

Prevention, early intervention and health education are the forerunners of health care today. We are devoted to promoting these areas so that we can keep you as healthy as possible. We offer:

  • Classes and events
  • Germ City
  • Heart and Soles
  • QuitSmart
  • Car seat safety information
  • Seasonal flu advice
  • Understanding obesity