Job Shadowing and Student Experiences Code of Conduct

Evangelical Community Hospital welcomes students to visit our Hospital in order to learn more about the various career opportunities available today in healthcare. To ensure the best possible experience, we have the following expectations for any student wishing to visit our facility and ask for your help and cooperation.

  • We ask that students conduct themselves maturely and professionally while they are visiting Evangelical. Participants will encounter many people throughout their visits, such as other employees, physicians, volunteers, patients and visitors. Therefore, we ask that each person encountered is treated with respect and a professional demeanor.
  • Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at Evangelical. All students are expected to adhere to this policy. We ask that whatever is heard and/or witnessed with regard to the hospital or the patients under its care, be kept confidential. If participants need to discuss/write about/report on their experiences at Evangelical, we require that a patient’s identity not be included in such reports.
  • In order for participants to gain the most benefit from their experiences at Evangelical, we encourage them to come with questions in mind regarding their interests in healthcare. Expressing a genuine interest in the area or subject matter being shared not only helps the staff in better accommodating participants, but also aids in making their experiences more productive. Many schools require that their students complete a worksheet, paper, etc. which includes questions they must have answered throughout the course of their time at Evangelical. We have found that this is helpful in ensuring that a well-rounded experience is received.
  • We ask participants to refrain from making personal phone calls and/or overhead pages during their experiences at the Hospital. The phone lines and paging system are reserved for employee and patient use. If it is necessary that students make a phone call, we ask that they first ask permission to do so. Cell phone use should also be limited.
  • Appropriate clothing is also expected, as participants will more than likely be in contact with our patients throughout their experiences. Business casual or other appropriate healthcare attire is expected. Please refrain from wearing jeans, short skirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts or sandals.

Also, students participating in an extended experience such as an externship or clinical rotation will be issued an identification badge. These participants are asked to wear this badge during their experiences.