Job Shadowing and Student Experiences Conditions and Guidelines

Evangelical Community Hospital strives to be responsible to the needs and interests of the community in the services and educational opportunities it provides. We are happy to provide workplace experiences, in which a “student” spends time observing the daily activities of a professional. However, we do expect the following from the student in return. Evangelical reserves the right to refuse or send home any student who does not uphold these standards of expectation.

We are pleased to offer you/your child the opportunity to explore an interest in the healthcare field. In return, we ask that each student accept the following conditions and guidelines:

  • Students shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner.
  • Students shall comply with all applicable policies and procedures of the Hospital. Students shall report immediately to personnel of the Hospital any concerns regarding Hospital policies and procedures.
  • Students shall sign a confidentiality statement agreeing not to discuss patient information outside the Hospital.
  • Students shall only observe and shall not under any circumstances, provide any “hands-on” clinical care to the patients of the Hospital unless qualified to do so and has been agreed upon as part of your observation.
  • Students may be in proximity to potentially hazardous substances and will be expected to conform to Hospital requirements for personal protective equipment (gown, gloves, goggles).
  • Students shall be responsible for payment of any and all medical costs incurred should an injury or incident occur during their experience at the Hospital and shall carry adequate health insurance.
  • Parent and student agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Hospital, its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, demands and liabilities, for personal injuries, deaths or damaged property arising out of any act of omission of the student while at the Hospital.
  • Students are free from communicable disease, to the best of their knowledge. Please notify us if the student has not had Rubella, Measles, or Chicken Pox or the vaccine.
  • Students should provide immunization records on a timely basis prior to the beginning of the experience, if they are required depending on the experience scheduled.
  • Students must attend an orientation program, if required depending on the experience scheduled, prior to the beginning of the experience.