• Do you have questions about continuing your tests and treatments?
  • Do you understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient?
  • Are you familiar with advance directives?
  • Do you have concerns about end-of-life questions?

Bioethics is the reasoned examination of decisions relating to matters of health, life and death. The concern is with the worth and dignity of the patient and his or her relationship with the healthcare environment.

The Bioethics Committee is composed of volunteer members of the medical, nursing, social service, pastoral care staffs and other healthcare professionals within the Hospital, as well as volunteers from the community at large.

The committee is available to provide bioethical healthcare consultation and education to:

  • assist physicians, staff, patients and families in making healthcare decisions where ethical questions are involved
  • initiate or support programs which raise consciousness of bioethical issues within the Hospital and in the larger community it serves
  • be a consultative and educational, rather than decision-making, body

Reasons for Consultation

Ethical questions arise from new discoveries, changing professional capabilities and emerging technology. The committee can provide an open forum where these concerns may be discussed. A partial list of issues includes:

  • continuing treatment
  • withdrawing treatment
  • intensity of treatment organ donation
  • observance of advance directives or living wills
  • decision-making capacity

Procedure for Consultation

Consultation by the Bioethics Committee is always optional. A request may be made by the attending physician or other healthcare professional, the patient or the patient’s family. No consultation shall be held without the participation of the attending physician. The chairperson of the Bioethics Committee will serve as the point of contact. You may also email

All proceedings and records of the Bioethics Committee will remain confidential.