Positive Impact

Over the past year, Evangelical has reached new goals, keeping pace with the standards of the healthcare industry and surpassing the progress of organizations of a similar size. Evangelical’s impact on the community and its citizens bears the imprint of a much larger facility.

Biomass — Green Energy and Sustainability

In keeping with its Sustainability Policy, Evangelical is continually seeking new ways to minimize its footprint on the environment, including energy efficiency and limiting greenhouse gases caused by burning fossil fuel.

With the addition of the Surgical and Cardiovascular Expansion, Evangelical seized the opportunity to move forward with a new, eco-friendly biomass boiler system, used to heat and cool the facility.

“Biomass boilers use clean technologies to produce steam, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions,” Director of Plant Engineering Terry Napp says. “Biomass boilers can burn multiple fuels, the most common being wood chips, which the Hospital will be securing from local companies.” The project will also reduce the burden on the regional power grid and the use of fossil fuels.

“The biomass system makes sense environmentally and financially,” Napp notes. “The Hospital is anticipating a substantial cost savings by employing this technology.”