Patient Handbook

Our Patient Handbook provides valuable information about your Hospital stay.

No matter what brings you to Evangelical, you can expect to receive the best care possible. Although going to the hospital isn't always something enjoyable or fun, we will try to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

How May We Help You Today?

What to Bring

Feel free to bring some things from home to make your stay more comfortable. Although we ask that patients not pack a whole lot, you should bring some of your own toiletries and pajamas.

You should also have some important papers and information with you. We may need to see your insurance card, Social Security card or learn about your family medical history among other things. You do not need to bring your current medications with you; we will provide you with whatever medication you need. However, you should bring a list of all medications you are currently taking.

Smoke-Free Policy

Remember that we have a smoke-free policy for the benefit of all of our patients and staff. Please leave any smoking and tobacco products at home.

If there is anything that we can do to make you more comfortable during your hospital stay, please let us know. If you have any problems, talk to your nurse or doctor and they will do their very best to help you.