Admission Process

Your attending physician, who is a member of the Evangelical Medical Staff, must first approve your admission to the Hospital. Our goal is to make things easy for you by making your admission efficient and comfortable.

Where to Go

Visit Central Registration on the first floor near the Degenstein Pavilion/Main Entrance. We will need to obtain information from you and ask questions that are important to your medical care. This information becomes part of your medical record and remains strictly confidential. Your cooperation in answering questions accurately and completely is greatly appreciated.

What to Bring

Please bring your insurance card with you.


Upon admission, you or your legal representative will be asked to sign a consent form for medical treatment. A parent or guardian must sign a consent form for a minor. You will also be asked to sign insurance and financial responsibility agreement forms.

Hospital Directory

When you are admitted, you will be given the opportunity to be included in the Hospital directory. This allows us to direct your family, clergy, friends, phone calls and flower deliveries to your room. We also encourage you to give your room number to friends and relatives you wish to see while you are hospitalized.