Visiting Hours

The following visiting hours are designed to be convenient for visitors while providing our patients with a comfortable environment with needed rest periods.

Most areas limit morning visitors so tests and therapies can be performed. Children are restricted in some areas to avoid risk of infection to both the child and the patient.


1 pm-8 pm

  • A family member or significant other may stay with a patient the day of surgery.
  • No children under the age of 12 are allowed.
  • Please limit visitors to two per patient.


1 pm-8 pm (condition of the patient permitting)

  • One parent or grandparent may stay with his/her child 24 hours a day.
  • Breakfast is provided for one adult.

The Family Place (Maternity)

1 pm-8 pm daily (open visitation)

  • Mothers decide who can see and hold their babies during these hours.
  • If space permits, the father is welcome to stay with the mother throughout their hospitalization.
  • For the safety of our newborn patients, there is only one elevator that takes visitors to The Family Place.

Newborn Baby Lullaby

Babies are wonderful, special gifts, and The Family Place at Evangelical helps welcome nearly 1,000 newborns into the world each year. We think they’re so special that each time a baby is born, “Brahms’ Lullaby” plays over a special intercom system for the entire Hospital to enjoy!

Intensive Care/Cardiac Care

11 am-2:15 pm and 5 pm-8:15 pm

  • Visits of 15 minutes starting on the hour are allowed for immediate family members 16 years of age or older.