Life-Enhancing Care Close to Home

Evangelical Community Hospital will open eight new, ultramodern operating rooms in July 2012—two more than the Hospital has now—as part of its $32-million expansion project. Recognizing the growing community need for minimally invasive and other advanced procedures, each operating room will be 63 percent larger to better accommodate advanced technology and equipment.

“The new operating rooms will incorporate the latest advances in patient care, medical technology and surgical specialty equipment,” says Kendra Aucker, the Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer.

The highly skilled surgeons, anesthesiologists and other members of Evangelical’s healthcare team currently perform more than 5,300 procedures a year. The new surgical suite will provide patients even greater access to life-saving care close to home. At a time when some community hospitals are closing or being acquired by larger healthcare organizations, Evangelical Community Hospital is taking a leading role in meeting the highest standards of surgical treatment. “Patients can have confidence that the new surgical suite will be a state-of-the-art facility in which our surgical specialists will continue to provide the best of care,” says Aucker.

The new surgical suite, designed to enhance patient convenience and privacy, will include a larger Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, where patients will begin their recovery. The One-Day Surgery area was also recently updated and renovated.

Better Communication with Family and Friends

When a loved one is scheduled for surgery, the wait can be an anxious time for family and friends. Accompanying the expansion improvements, Evangelical will implement an electronic surgical documentation system that includes a tracking system to communicate real-time information to those in the reception area.

To protect privacy, each patient will be assigned a number that family and friends can use to track their loved one’s progress on a screen. From the time a patient checks in for surgery until discharge from the recovery area, those waiting will know exactly where the patient is in the process. After surgery is complete, the surgeon will meet with family and friends in a private consultation room to provide information about the patient’s condition and care and to answer questions.

Progressive Future Supported by the Community

The Hospital will hold an open house for the community before the new operating rooms are put to use. “The outpouring of support for the new facility has been tremendous,” says Aucker.

Aucker adds that Evangelical’s success in attracting and retaining highly qualified medical staff will only increase when the new addition is completed. “This expansion project will ensure the long-term viability of the Hospital by offering state-of-the-art facilities to physicians who are considering practicing here. We remain committed to our status as an independent, non-profit community hospital. People can feel comfort in knowing that we’re going to remain here and continue to serve the community long into the future.”

Full Spectrum of Specialty Surgeries

Patients rely on the expertise, skills and experience of Evangelical’s surgery team for a wide range of procedures. Often, advanced minimally invasive procedures can be performed, causing less pain for the patient and affording a faster recovery time. Our surgical specialties include:

    (breast, colorectal, uterine and prostate)
    (laparoscopic bypass surgery and gastric banding)
    (arterial bypass/stent and varicose vein surgery)
    (hysterectomy, chronic acid reflux surgery, hernia repair, appendectomy)
    (arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery, total hip and knee replacement, spine surgery)
    (breast reconstruction following mastectomy)
    (prostate, kidney and bladder surgery)
    (stress incontinence surgery and hysterectomy)
    (bunion and hammertoe surgery)
    (retinal and cataract surgery)
    (tonsillectomy, nasal and sinus surgery, thyroid surgery)

Centralized Services for Heart Patients

Residents of the Susquehanna Valley come to Evangelical Community Hospital for advanced cardiac care, including diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. When the new addition is complete, those services will be housed together in the new 21,134-square-foot cardiovascular suite, making it convenient for patients.

The new surgical suite, to be located on the second floor of the expansion, will feature:

  • A sophisticated video integration system with multiple high-definition, flat-panel screens so the entire surgical team can view the minimally invasive procedure and communicate remotely with pathologists and other medical professionals
  • A Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) that allows the surgical team to view digital images of X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds or MRIs on a flat-panel screen
  • Ultraviolet lighting to lower the risk of surgical infection
  • Spacious 650-square-foot operating rooms
  • Specialty beds for certain orthopaedic procedures
  • Expanded patient recovery area (16 beds, compared to 12) The new first-floor cardiovascular suite will have:
    • Two new catheterization laboratories
    • A seven-room pre- and post-operative care area
    • Echocardiogram and stress echocardiogram rooms
    • Family reception area
    • 1,545-square-foot cardiac rehabilitation gym