Central Susquehanna Healthcare Providers (CSHP) – PPO

It's Your Choice

There are many different options today when it comes to health plans – commercial insurance plans, HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), and PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations). But a closer look will reveal that the biggest difference is simply this: once you choose a PPO, your options have only begun.

Why a PPO?

HMOs gained widespread acceptance throughout the 1970s and 1980s as managed healthcare was implemented to control rising healthcare costs. However, people soon realized that HMOs put restrictions on which physicians and hospitals they could use.

PPOs were designed in the mid-1980s as an improvement on the HMO concept. They combine the desirable features of traditional fee-for-service medicine with the appealing cost containment features included in managed care plans.

Driven by fees for quality medicine, PPOs create a unique system of managed healthcare that truly controls the cost of the system. That's because a PPO uses a third-party Utilization Review Company to monitor and approve the utilization of the benefits and a third party administrator to administer the benefits.

Today, a PPO is the right choice when you, as an employer, are interested in a healthcare plan that lowers premiums, reduces employee out-of-pocket expenses, secures flexibility and protects each employee's right to choose his/her hospital and physician.

The Choice that Lets You Choose

CSHP is a PPO that lets you and your employees choose quality care from a panel of more than 800 physicians at 8 area hospitals. Specialized treatment can be obtained through other participating facilities at no additional cost to the employee.

If your doctor or hospital is not on our panel, you can receive care from them and still have a portion of the costs covered. And with CSHP, you get a flexibility that traditional plans and HMOs simply can't offer: the ability to design your own coverage to fit your special needs. For more information visit CSHP's website.

CSHP's Freedom of Choice

  • 8 Hospitals
  • More than 800 Physicians

Coverage for Special Services Includes:

  • home health
  • durable medical equipment
  • mental health programs
  • orthopaedics and prosthetics
  • drug and alcohol programs

Non-Panel Services

Unlike most HMOs, a PPO allows you to seek services from different facilities or physicians, even if they are not on our panel of providers and still have coverage.

Call (570) 522-4034 or send e-mail today and discover the outstanding health plan options open to you and your employees at CSHP. Because you do have a choice.