Choosing a Pediatrician

A pediatrician or family physician can provide care to your baby. Many parents choose a pediatrician because they specialize in caring for infants and children. A pediatrician can help you with the many choices you are faced with as a parent – such as breastfeeding, parenting style, nutrition, using over-the-counter medications, etc.

It is important to select a pediatrician before the arrival of your baby as they will receive your baby’s medical records from the Hospital and will be prepared to address any concerns once you and your newborn get home.

Be sure to take some time to research and identify a pediatrician with whom you feel comfortable and who is conveniently accessible for your follow-up appointments. Ideally, you will build a lasting relationship with your pediatrician, from the birth of your baby throughout childhood.

For a list of pediatricians who practice at Evangelical Community Hospital, click here or call our Find A Doctor line at 800-989-EVAN.