4-D Ultrasound Technology

Moving, Real-Time Images

Evangelical Community Hospital is pleased to offer the state-of-the-art Volume Ultrasound system from GE Healthcare. This powerful tool essentially allows expectant parents to see a video of their baby in the womb.


  • Aids physicians in detecting anomalies in the fetus
  • Helps identify problems in uterus and ovaries
  • Can also be used for breast imaging, urology and general imaging
  • Provides a clear, detailed, never-before-seen glimpse into the body

How it Works

Small amounts of sound waves are emitted from the system toward the area of interest. Images are produced from an echo when the sound "bounces" off of the fetus or area of interest. Different tissues make different echoes that the ultrasound wand detects and converts to images on the screen.

Learn More

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