More Patient Stories


Arthritis in my knees had caused me to have pain with every step. I'm only 51 years old; there is still so much more I wanted to do, and the pain I was experiencing each day would have made them impossible dreams. Evangelical Community Hospital's Joint Replacement Center was the first step on the journey to fulfilling those dreams.


I thought I was too young for a joint replacement. I’m a hairdresser, mother and grandmother, and eventually the pain and limited mobility became too much for me. I have a lot of living to do and soon grew tired of the constant pain.


I couldn't believe the difference this time around. I had significantly less pain right after surgery and began walking immediately the next morning. I wasn't in a hospital bed next to a bunch of "sick people", but rather on a floor with other patients going through the same experience.


The limited mobility I began experiencing a few years ago was really slowing me down. I was lacking the energy I had when was younger; I had to take a painkiller just to walk across the room. I wanted to do something about it.


The Joint Replacement Center was great. They made me do everything on my own from day one, getting out of bed, getting dressed, everything. I live alone, so I definitely wanted to be independent. That was the best thing for me, being self-sufficient right off the bat.

Alice & Joe

My husband is a piece of work; he likes to do things on his own and in his own way. But the nurses at the Joint Replacement Center were polite and courteous, and just pushy enough to get him to do the exercises as he was supposed to. I noticed their patience and camaraderie with Joe, and knew that Evan would be my choice for my hip replacement.


Overall, my experience was tremendous. With my new knees, I’m back to doing the active things I like to do, like golfing. My wife and I have a two-acre lot, and yesterday I walked the whole thing and fertilized it by hand. I can walk down the stairs the right way now too!


I was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, and was having a lot of pain in my right hip. But at age 56, I thought I was too young for joint replacement. I just kept on doing the things I normally do, and put it off for a few years. But the pain persisted. Carol’s story.