Karen’s Story

The limited mobility I began experiencing a few years ago was really slowing me down. I was lacking the energy I had when was younger; I had to take a painkiller just to walk across the room.

I wanted to do something about it, so I talked with Thomas F. Dominick, MD, from SUN Orthopaedic Group, Inc. He told me that hip replacement was the only "fountain of youth" they knew of. I had my right hip replaced, and rehabilitated at Evan's Joint Replacement Center. Every single person who cared for me was excellent, so skilled and caring.

The therapists and nurses treated everyone with respect. Somehow they seemed to know exactly how to get me to do the exercises perfectly, how much to push me to build strength and flexibility, without pushing me too far. Each morning, there was an encouraging message on the white board in my room from the nurses. Something small like that can really set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

I was back to teaching at Penn College in six weeks, just in time for the spring semester. I can walk now, not only across the room, but across campus. Stairs still pose a challenge to me, but it's OK to know my limitations.

My hip replacement was an excellent experience, and such a blessing to my life.