Norwood’s Story


I had been a contractor all of my life. The wear and tear of hard labor took a toll on my knees. I wasn’t able to function like I wanted to, so I decided to have a knee replaced at a hospital close to my home in Dalmatia. I remember months of recovery until I was finally able to start walking unassisted again.

Before too long, I knew it was time to have my other knee replaced. I had heard some positive stories about the Joint Replacement Center at Evangelical, so I looked in to it. After an initial consultation with Sun Orthopaedic, I decided it was time to have my other knee replaced. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I had put it off as long as I could.

I’m very impressed with the knowledge of the staff and all of the pre-surgery education. The day of my surgery, my wife and I made the early morning trip to Lewisburg. I couldn't believe the difference this time around. I had significantly less pain right after surgery and began walking immediately the next morning. I wasn't in a hospital bed next to a bunch of "sick people", but rather on a floor with other patients going through the same experience.

I walked faster than I thought I could. Within two weeks I was done with the walker they gave me and soon I didn't even need a cane. I was soon back out in the yard, working in the garden and walking our dog. I am so happy with my Evan replacement that I plan to come back to Evan to have my first replacement re-done!