Patient Satisfaction

"Evangelical Hospital is the best..."

"I cannot say enough about the RN's, LPN's and PA's on the 3rd floor and the RN's, LPN's and PA's in the joint program. I never received such care as I did there, they all are wonderful and were there to help at all times. The night shift nurses were excellent ladies that went the extra mile. I have had lots of hospital stays and Evangelical Hospital is the best."

"I thank God for a wonderful place..."

"I don't know of there being another hospital I'd sooner be at than Evangelical. To me it gets the highest rating any hospital can get. I thank God for a wonderful place to be at when it is needed. Everyone wants to be a person instead of a number and that's exactly how you're treated at Evan- at Evan you're a person."

"I was in the Joint Replacement Program, which was well staffed with courteous and knowledgeable people. The Joint Replacement Program concept is excellent by isolating us from the other patients."

"This is better than top class..."

"This is better than top class. Evangelical can be very proud of everyone working there. They are indeed a 'family' operation that cares for the patient. I would highly recommend Evangelical to everyone. All of the nurses were excellent. The nurses on the third floor Hip and Knee Replacement floor were outstanding."

"Kindness and caring are unreal..."

"This is one place that you are treated as a human and not just a number. Kindness and caring are unreal."

"The logistics of SUN Orthopedics and Evangelical Hospital, from appointments with doctors or nurses to surgery and rehab, have been without a doubt equal. They do not waste their time or mine. They are exceptional. The joint unit and the interdisciplinary staff are excellent. This hospital can be very proud of such excellence."

"Dr. Dominick is a very caring and concerned physician with a lot of knowledge on hips."

"They treated my family as though they were their own. They were very pleasant."

"My experience with Dr. Cole was unbelievable. He made me feel comfortable and was kind. It is so good to know that there is a doctor who will give of their time to you, not just rush you in and out."

"The therapy has been amazing..."

"Everyone was very professional and caring and attended to my needs. The therapy has been amazing for my hip. After only two weeks, I'm back to milking cows!!"

"Dr. Dominick was very good with answering my questions and visits, as well as his assistants."

"My experience was excellent. It was my first visit to Evangelical and I would recommend the hospital to anyone."

"I had an excellent experience..."

"My experience was very good. I mention this hospital to everyone who asks me about my knee. I even gave a stranger a doctor's name and the place to go to have it done. I praise this hospital for their caring, love and kindness that they extend to you. I thought I died and went to heaven. I never had such treatment as I got during my visit. I never had an operation until now, and it really takes the scary part about a hospital away. The emergency room is also great. What a great staff. Thank you Dr. Cole."

"I had an excellent experience and actually had a good time!"

"I had an overnight stay in the Joint Replacement Center and it was a very impressive center and staff. They really take pride in their work and know how to control your pain and get you on the road to recovery. I appreciated the follow-up phone call I received. Kudos to the staff!!"

"I was treated with dignity and respect..."

"I was treated with dignity and respect the whole time I was there. And yes, I will recommend the facility to others. The care I was given was excellent and I appreciated all of the staff's efforts."

"Every aspect of my experience was positive. The pre-op class was informative. The cooperation between SUN Orthopedic and Evangelical is commendable."

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