Joint Replacement Program - Reunion and Testimonial


Patients and staff become very close throughout the joint replacement process. In order to stay in touch, the Joint Replacement Program holds a reunion lunch for all the people who have completed the rehabilitation process.

Testimonial - Nancy's Story

On a Saturday night in June 2006, I danced.  I wasn’t the best dancer in the crowd, but I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom I felt and the ability to move with little restriction. Prior to that Saturday I hadn’t danced in over 10 years. There was a reason for that newfound ability to dance.

On January 31, 2006, my life changed forever…for the better. That is the day I had bi-lateral total knee replacement surgery…both knees replaced during one surgery. This was done at Evangelical Hospital.

I had the opportunity to have my surgery done anywhere in the United States, but I chose Evangelical. I chose this hospital because they had recently opened a special post-surgery floor that was exclusively for patients recovering from joint replacement surgery.

I knew that being with other patients who were going through the same recovery would be beneficial to me in my own healing. The idea of nurses, physical therapists and staff that were trained to deal with all aspects of recovery from joint replacement surgery was also appealing.

Knee replacement surgery is painful, with a rehabilitation that is not easy. The team approach used at the Joint Replacement Center is very beneficial to the patient. A successful joint replacement depends not only on the expertise of the surgeon, but also on the physical therapy rehabilitation that starts within 24 hours of the replacement surgery. 

At the Joint Replacement Center, the patient with the help of a coach, does his or her own physical therapy with other patients in a group setting. This allows the patients to talk to each other and share experiences, good and bad. When there is another person who really knows what you are feeling and thinking because they have had the same surgery, it helps get you through those first days after the surgery.

I also had the added issue of having Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), which affects all of my joints. I found in the nurses, physical therapists and staff of the Joint Replacement Center a genuine desire to do the best for each patient.  They certainly went the extra mile for me, taking my RA into consideration. Their knowledge, compassion and professionalism were evident 24 hours a day. It was obvious they loved what they were doing. 

How lucky we are to live in a smaller, rural community, yet receive care that rivals any hospital, anywhere.  One could search long and hard to find the quality of staff found at the Joint Replacement Center and still come up short.

-Nancy H. Crook 

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