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Stories of Lives Improved


I like to help my daughter on her farm in Centre County. There’s so much to do there, picking green beans, harvesting pumpkins, just enjoying nature. But with a bad hip, those activities were less than enjoyable.


Taking walks with my wife, whether here in Pennsylvania or in our winter home in Florida, has always been one of my favorite pastimes.


I’m a big, active guy. Fire police captain, school bus driver… I like to be out and about. But being big and active had taken a toll on my knees.


Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. My home is surrounded by trees that become absolutely beautiful with the change of season. But raking the leaves was only one of my jobs around my house.


I loved working around my house, especially decorating for the holidays. But my knees got so bad that I just couldn’t ‘go-go-go’ anymore. My doctor recommended joint replacement on both of my knees, and I trusted him.

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