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Matthew Eager, MD, is a board-certified, fellowship trained, orthopaedic surgeon specializing in treatment of the spine. Learn more


Sun Orthopaedics of Evangelical offers comprehensive spine, neck, and back care, including advanced surgical solutions for back and neck pain sufferers who have exhausted nonsurgical treatment options.

Each patient is evaluated individually and prescribed a personalized treatment plan that may include medications, pain management through injections, or physical rehabilitation. If those treatments do not work, surgical options are explored.

Optio-C® Anterior Cervical System

The Optio-C® device is a minimally invasive option that is ideal for patients who have already gone through one neck fusion procedure. Entering from the front of the neck, Dr. Eager is able to place the modular, stand-alone cervical device to create a fusion at a weakened area of spine caused by a degenerative change.

A patient might need the Optio-C® when, due to wearing down of a disc, the vertebrae pinches a nerve which then causes numbness or weakness in the arm. The surgical procedure can relieve the pain, numbness, and headache that may result from the pinched nerve.

The Optio-C® delivers strength and stability to the weakened area and because it is low profile in nature, it reduces soft tissue irritation and eliminates the need for additional plating of previous fusions.

If not a candidate for the Optio-C® device, patients have alternative options for replacing spinal discs including cages with bone grafts and reinforcement with plates.

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