Pastoral Services

Request a prayer for a patient.

Office Phone: 570-522-4444

The chaplains at Evangelical Community Hospital are concerned for your spiritual needs during your hospitalization. The chaplains encourage your faith by providing empathy, comfort and compassion. Sharing your concerns with a chaplain who can support you may be very helpful. Chaplains abide by HIPAA and confidentiality is not compromised.

Our Pastors

  • Supports you in your use of personal resources and faith.
  • Encourages you and uses reflective listening.
  • Offers comfort in times of grief and crisis.
  • Assists you in remembering your experiences of God’s sustaining, protecting and healing presence with you at all times.
  • Supports you if you are distressed by religious or spiritual dilemmas.
  • Assists you in arranging appropriate services for you.
  • Contacts an appropriate priest, clergy, imam or rabbi if necessary for you.

Our Volunteer Chaplain on Call

  • Responds to your spiritual and/or emotional needs at nights or weekends for emergencies. If it is a regular chaplain request it will be passed on to the next business day chaplain.
  • Offers emphatic support and compassion with no religious boundaries.

Meditation Room Chapel

The Meditation Room Chapel is located at the Main Entrance in the corner just before the Emergency Department. Free spiritual literature is available for you to take with you and to help you.