Stomal Therapy Clinic

We Help Return You to Your Best 

After surgery, you may need help to return to your best active life. We're here to assist you with our Physical Rehabilitation Services.

Getting You Back to a Full and Active Life

Evangelical offers a comprehensive stomal therapy service for individuals who are anticipating or have had surgery resulting in an abdominal stoma. A Certified Ostomy Nurse is on staff to meet all of your needs.

This aim of this program is to support the you and your family, before and after surgery, to enable the patient to participate in a full and active family, social and business life.


In most cases, your doctor will refer you to the Stomal Therapy Clinic before your admission to hospital. When this is not possible, a Stomal Therapy nurse will visit you and your family or caregiver in the hospital.

Your Visit

A visit with the Stomal Therapy Nurse could include:

  • Information and counseling – pre and post operatively
  • Advice about stomal appliances
  • Evaluation of peristomal skin issues
  • Education about new products and options

After Surgery

A Stomal Therapy nurse will visit you regularly while you are in hospital to:

  • Teach you to manage your stoma
  • Ensure you have a suitable, comfortable stomal appliance fitted
  • Assist you in obtaining supplies for home use
  • Organize follow-up care for when you leave the hospital

Follow Up Care

The stomal therapy nurse is available for follow-up visits on an individual basis for:

  • Assistance with your stoma and skin care
  • Evaluation of your stomal appliance
  • Counseling and problem solving

Outpatient appointments can be made by direct contact with the clinic at 570-522-4411.


The clinic is located adjacent to the Rooke Pavilion on the hospital's campus, at parking lot F, with convenient parking located directly in front of the facility.