Checklist for Patients

Please do not bring any valuables with you, such as large sums of money, jewelry or mobile phones.


List of medications (Note: If you do not have a written list, please bring all medications you are currently taking. After a nurse has reviewed the medications, plan on having someone take them home. You will be given the medications you need while in the hospital.)
Insurance cards
Reading material
Toiletries and cosmetics
Crossword puzzles
Shorts or sweat pants
Pen and paper
Phone numbers
Change of clothes (clothes to wear home)

If You are Having a Baby

Tennis balls or pain roller
Hand fan
Receiving blanket
Hair clips or rubber bands
Lip moisturizer
Snacks for labor coach
Magazines or reading material
Relaxing CD or tape
CD or tape player
Pictures for focal point
Change of clothes
Two bras (nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed)
Baby car seat
Baby outfit for trip home