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Karen's Story

"I would recommend Evangelical Hospital to any mom having baby! Everyone was great, the nurses – especially Linda, the doctors from Lewisburg OB/GYN and Lewisburg Pediatrics! I could not have had a better place to have my first child. Thank you to everyone who helped my stay at Evangelical be a great first experience for my first child, my husband thanks you as well for treating him so well."

Karen of Loganton

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Grisselle's Story

"Mi vida cambio totalmente cuando di a luz a mi primer hijo... Fue emocionante cuando por primera vez lo tuve en mis brazos... Soy gracias a dios por darme la dicha de tenerlo."

"My life changed completely when I gave birth to my first child... It was amazing when I first held him in my arms... I'm grateful to God for having him." 

Grisselle of Milton

Donna's Story

"I’m just really thankful that at a time when minutes could have made the difference between life and death with my boys that I could count on the people at Evangelical Hospital."

Donna of Turbotville

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Amy's Story

"Evan is the best option in our Central Pennsylvania to have a baby!!! Having an induction and 14 hours of labor – everyone treats you like family. They take the time to answer questions and truly listen to you. I could not be more thankful for my healthy little girl!!"

Amy of Selinsgrove

Billijo's Story

"I wouldn't go to any other place, Evan is the place for me! During my pregnancies with my daughters I had Dr. Stankiewicz, who is truly a blessing! 2 c-sections that went wonderful, thanks to Dr. S & his staff!! Recently, on May 18, 2009, I had a miscarriage. Dr. S was once again there for me & my family, through it all. He makes the situation so much more bearable. Even though he was "booked all day with patients in the office", He managed to take the time to be there for me knowing my loss of my unborn child & my fears of going to the OR alone for my DNC. Not only was I relieved but my family was as well. How wonderful of him to make time for ME.....He loves his patients & it sure shows!! Thank u EVAN & Dr. Stankiewicz & staff for everything!!"

Billijo of Sunbury

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Tamm's Story

"I would highly recommend Evangelical to anyone and everyone and have in fact done so to many of my friends who are expecting!! My experience was so wonderful. My doctor was Dr. Stankiewicz. After years (3) of infertility and a miscarriage, with Dr. Stankiewicz's help we were expecting our first child. As someone who experienced a miscarriage and infertility, I was constantly worried about the health and wellness of my unborn child. This office was so supportive and took every call seriously. Well we made it through the pregnancy with no difficulty, but I ended up having a scheduled C-section with my little guy. Staff were so supportive and were always there to assist. They let you ask questions and did not become frustrated with you. I did ended up having some complications after the C-section, but again at the first sign of a problem, things were taken seriously and because of this I am still here today to raise my son. Treatment was begun immediately. There were always doctors and staff available to ensure the health of my baby and I. We are so grateful for this!!"

Tamm of Liverpool

Kristy's Story

"I really recommend Evan Hospital to all women who are seeking a hospital. I had two c-sections and my experiences with both were wonderful. The OR staff and the nurses at the family place provided exceptional care. They exceeded all of my needs and made me feel like I was at home. Jeanie is one of the best nurses, which I had both times. Braxton is doing well and I thank Evan."

Kristy of Coal Township

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Heidi's Story

"I started having problems with my pregnancy around my 31st or 32nd week. The doctor ordered an ultrasound where they found my baby to be very small, that day his estimated weight was 3 lbs 6 oz, and the amniotic fluid level was low. They referred me to a specialist so I went and the specialist wanted me admitted so I spent a night here for IV fluids. They took such good care of me that night and I am sure they would have been wonderful if I had delivered here, unfortunately I had to deliver elsewhere but in the end I'm glad I did so I could be with my baby shortly after he was born."

Heidi of Mifflinburg

Sherry's Story

"Branden was my first baby, I am so glad that I chose Evangelical Hospital for all my prenatal care and the birth of my wonderful MIRACLE.... Everyone that we came in contact with at the office and the hospital was phenomenal... I was very grateful for Mary Dewire CNM for the great words of wisdom while delivering my son and Arlie for just being GREAT."

Sherry of Linden

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Sherrie's Story

"This was my fourth child, but my first time delivering at Evan. I'm glad I chose Evan. The nurses were great, especially Jean and Linda. I would recommend the family place to any expecting mom in the area. Thank you so much for all the help and support."

Sherrie of West Milton

Elizabeth's Story

"When I arrived at Evan with what I had thought were just Braxton Hicks contractions I knew then that my little one would be here sooner than expected. Not even an hour after i arrived my doctor came in and broke my water. Though I was dying for an epidural near the end, I never got it, she was too quick to come :) About 6 hours in labor, my doctor came in and got me prepared to give birth. The most beautiful baby came out in two pushes and she was immediately put on my belly. It was the greatest experience of my life. Everyone was very helpful and I never felt alone for a minute. Thank you Evangelical nurses and doctors for all of your help and support, as well as my families."

Elizabeth of Northumberland

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Erica's Story

"My Evangelical Moment goes like this...My beautiful son Connor was born on November 5th 2009 at 9:15am. He weighed 7lbs and 7 ounces and was 20 inches long. He was born with a full head of dark blonde hair and grey eyes. After being awake all night and pushing for three hours I was exhausted but overjoyed to finally meet my baby boy. My boyfriend and mother crowded around the warmer as the nurses weighed and measured Connor. They were lucky to get to see him as I was stuck in the bed getting stitched up and didn't get to hold him very long at all. Grant (my boyfriend) could not resist saying over and over "Hi Connor! I'm your Daddy." I couldn't help but laugh at his excitement over his son. I had never seen him so happy. The room was filled with nurses and midwifes, I couldn't keep up with who was who. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally got to hold him again. He grasped me finger and we took those wonderful first photos that every mother would rather not show off.

As the day went on, we had a few visitors, and more photos were taken, I could not believe how helpful the staff was! The nurses were wonderful in giving help and advice! I don't know what I would have done without them, especially being the first in my family to breast feed. At first, Connor did not want to latch on but the next day he finally nursed for the first time!

We ended up staying at the hospital an extra night. Connor had developed jaundice and had to lay under a blue light through the night. What a night that was! He was cold and unhappy, being in only a diaper. It all payed off though as we got to go home the next day. We had to bring him back to the hospital the next two days to get blood taken, then his family doctor the next day, and back to the hospital the next! He was a week old before he got to spend an entire day at home.

Connor is now 11 weeks old and doing wonderful! He weighs around 13lbs and is about 24 inches long. He smiles and laughs, and loves listening to stories and music. I love watching him grow and learn new things! I would like to thank the Family Place staff for being so helpful during our four days at the hospital!"

Erica of Beaver Springs

Renee's Story

"Actually this is her husband Anthony . The morning my wife was there was a very hectic time. She was in so much pain that morning of our blessed event the nurses realized something wasnt right . They called our doctor to get him there. I was worried that I was gonna lose the both of them . I would like to express my thanks for the nurses fast reaction and how quick they got the doctor there and how well they did there jobs. If it wasnt for them I wouldnt of have either one of my angels to take home . It has been a week and they are doing great. God bless all my heroes (the nurses of the maternity floor ) thank you so much."

Renee of Selinsgrove

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Tonya's Story

"I don't know where to begin. I cannot thank your hospital staff enough for their wonderful care and kindness and support. I am the proud mom of 3 Evan babies within the past 4 years, the last 2 being born premature. Like any new mom you want the best for your child right from the start, and all three of my girls got that by being born at your hospital. From the nurses to the doctors and midwives who go above and beyond their duties and make their patients feel like they are top priority. With my third baby Lacie she arrived on June 14th 2009, only weighing in at 4lbs 8oz, she was so very tiny compared to my other two babies and wasn't gaining weight like she should, if a nurse came in my room they would find me crying cause I was so worried about her, she wasn't interested in drinking a bottle and her billirubin level was high, i feared we might have to transfer the baby to another hospital, but Evan was equipped to accommodate her needs and my nurses were there to comfort me and talk me thru everything they were doing with this tiny little person. The nurses worked with her during the nightly feedings to try and get her to drink. After 2 days of being under the billi lights her level finally came down. Being born on a Sunday, I was to be discharged on Tuesday, but there was one problem the baby was not able to be discharged until she had gained more weight, I cried and the nurse came and told me that I was welcome to stay until the baby was discharged thanks to Evan's Nesting Program. I was able to stay as long as the floor was not full and stay with my baby until she was able to be discharged, I just would not receive the nursing care but would still get meals. I cannot thank you enough for this program, I was able to stay and help care for my baby and get updates and tips from the nurses who were caring for her. After almost a full week in the hospital we were able to bring Lacie home to her 2 other sisters. She is now 4 months old and weighing in at almost 10 pounds and I have everyone at Evangelical's The Family Place and Arlie Swailes CNM to thank."

Tonya of Mifflinburg

Tonya's Story

"I cannot thank the staff at Evangelical enough for the care my daughter and I received. When I went into labor with my second child Makenzie I was very scared. I was 5 weeks early and was so afraid I would have to be transferred to another hospital in the area, but the midwife and nurses eased my fears and assured me that everything would be fine and that my baby and me would be well cared for, I had no doubt in my mind after that because of the care I received with my first daughter Kylie. The midwife stayed close by and they had the pediatrician on standby for when the baby was delivered. My baby started to come out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and my blood pressure started to rise, the midwife was quick to act to remove the cord from around her neck and calm me down to lower my blood pressure. Thanks to them we had a very happy and healthy 6lb 2oz baby girl, and this summer we are coming back to deliver baby #3, and my husband and I wouldn't want it to be anywhere else but Evangelical!"

Tonya of Mifflinburg

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Sheri's Story

"I couldn't have asked for a more supportive staff than the one I had during the delivery of my daughter, Samantha. Evangelical was a wonderful place to deliver my daughter. I participated in the lamaze classes and baby basics prior to my delivery, and would recommend them to any expecting mother. Every one was very attentive and knowledgeable at the Family Place at Evangelical."

Sheri of Mifflinburg

Sheila's Story

"Wow! Everything was going great until we heard the midwife say..she's breach and we need to deliver her now. Dr. Redcay was called and with in minutes the OB team was busy getting me ready. Dr. Redcay came in, did an exam and went into action without hesitation. Olivia was born C-section in what seemed like minutes after she arrived. The quick and calm actions of everyone that day brought us our beautiful baby girl, happy and healthy!!"

Sheila of Northumberland

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Sonja's Story

"People responded to my wishes in regards to the type of birthing experience I wanted and they listened. That was a great experience."

Sonja of Trevorton

Stacy's Story

"When I asked for the epidural, they noticed that my heart rate was up around 130, which is high to begin with, and that my blood pressure was dropping. The anesthesiologist stayed near me to watch my heart rate. It ended up going up into the 170s and my blood pressure kept dropping. I was able to break it, but nothing stabilized, so they decided to go ahead and do a C-section.

It was scary, but everything worked out fine. I was really glad I was at Evangelical. They handled everything great. They took care of my husband and family as well."

Stacy of Hegins

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Angela's Story

"My first labor went on for hours, so when I started having contractions with my second child I sat around home. Little did I know that she was going to come fast and furious. I called my midwife and she came in (on her day off) just to be with me (she said she wouldn't have missed the delivery for the world.). About an hour after arriving at the Hospital my baby girl was born. All of the nurses were so supportive in helping me get the relief I needed with having such a fast and furious delivery. We didn't know the sex of either child and both times we were overwhelmed to find out what we were having. The nurse cheered and clapped with us as she joined us in the delivery room. They were all great and I was blessed to have them all with me."

Angela of Lewisburg

Nichole's Story

"The picture we sent truly exemplifies our Evan Moments! It's where we started our family.

The physicians and nurses knew right where I needed to be during my first pregnancy. I will never forget Jo Bender "blessing" our baby as they quickly wheeled me out the door to Geisinger. Nor will I forget the physicians and nurses checking in on me during my stay at Geisinger. Our second Evan moment-the birth of our second daughter, Nora. Again, an unexpected delivery, and Evan's team of physicians and nurses provided us with comfort, a safe delivery and a healthy baby. I am here today to tell about our Evan moments, thanks to Evan! Evan saved three lives and for this, we will be forever grateful. Thank you."

Nichole of Lewisburg

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Jenni's Story

"I had four children at Evangelical and I am very happy I gave birth at Evan. It was a great experience and all the staff was wonderful each time I was there. I definitely recommend this hospital to deliver babies. My oldest is now 7, youngest is 2. Even now when i see the staff from the birthplace they still recognize us. Thanks a lot!"

Jenni of Mifflinburg

Kayla's Story

"Being pregnant with twins caused me to be a frequent visitor to The Family Place, but the staff always made me feel welcome. I felt that if anything were to happen they would be there, and when the day came that I really needed them, they were there for me and my twins, and we are all grateful to have had an amazing staff."

Kayla of Lewisburg

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Melissa's Story

"I was on bed rest for many months due to some complications. When I was ready to deliver I was so impressed with the care and attention that I received from all the wonderful staff. They were excellent in all aspects of my birth. Natalya are lucky to have had Evan there."

Melissa of Lewisburg

Amanda's Story

"Having my first son was the greatest experience of my life. I don't think that anybody else could have made it as comfortable as Evan did. The staff was nice and was supportive to my every need. I was induced with my son and it did not take long for Dr. Miller to deliver my little bundle of joy. A few hours later I ended up passing out due to too much loss of blood. They took so good care of me and I am grateful for everything they did for us!! Thank you"

Amanda of Sunbury

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Kitty's Story

"I can't imagine a better place to have had my baby boy. The midwifes and nurses were so helpful, thoughtful and kind. Staying at Evan was like staying at home, so quickly they all became like family!"

Kitty of West Milton