Simple Choices, Profound Results - the Spectrum

February 12, 2014 Wednesday - March 19, 2014 Wednesday 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM



Highmark certified instructors


Community Health Education
(570) 768-3200


A scientifically-proven program to feel better, live longer, lose weight and gain health based on the best-selling book by Dr. Dean Ornish.  This 6-week lifestyle improvement program can be tailored to suit almost anyone.  Learn your place on the Spectrum of Health and how your health behaviors can impact your total well being for now...and for the future.  We'll explore the Nutritional Spectrum, Exercise Spectrum, Stress Management Spectrum and Social Support Spectrum.  Learn valuable tools and information to find your optimal health.

$85 or FREE for those with a current Highmark insurance card.

If you have a current Highmark insurance card, please call (570) 768-3200 to register for this event.

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