Why Weight

Why Weight is a 6-week weight management program led by a certified health coach and registered dietitian. Topics to be covered include: healthy meal planning, exercise and behavior modification strategies designed to facilitate lifestyle change and gradual lasting weight loss.


According to Neal D. Barnard, MD and Jennifer K. Reilly, RD, authors of The Cancer Survivor’s Guide; “Healthy weight control is essential for warding off a variety of chronic diseases, and studies have shown that slimmer people are less likely to develop cancer. In addition, trimming excess weight may also improve survival after cancer has been diagnosed.”

To register, please call Community  Health and Wellness 570-768-3200 or register online.


Evangelical reserves the right to cancel or postpone classes for insufficient enrollment.

$60.00 registration fee.

Class Events & Dates

Mar 06

6:00 PM

to 7:15 PM every Wednesday through April 10

Location: Apple A Conference Room at the back of Dining Services