Heart Health

My Heart, My Hospital

Raymond "Duff" Ripka shares his incredible story as well as an important message

While only suffering one of the many symptoms associated with a heart attack, Duff's quick action and the expertise of the specialists at Evangelical’s Heart and Vascular Center helped save his life. Now, Duff is back to calling balls and strikes for tomorrow’s Hall of Famers.


Are you at risk?

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Heart Resources & Events

Comprehensive Blood Screening

A low-cost comprehensive blood screening can provide important details about your health, sometimes before symptoms of a condition surface, giving you and your physicians the power to plan ahead. Fee includes lipid panel, complete blood count, and CMP. Fee: $50 

Monday, February 3

7–10 am

Mobile Health of Evangelical at Snyder County Produce Auction
6130 South Susquehanna Trail, Port Trevorton

Tuesday, February 18

7–10 am
Community Health and Wellness


Talk with the Doc - Heart

Talk with the Doc: Heart and Vascular Disease - Prevention and Treatment 

Tuesday, February 4

5:30 pm - Light refreshments
6 pm - Talk begins
Apple Conference Rooms, Located at rear of O’Keefe Dining Room

 The discussion will speak to:

  • Signs and symptoms of heart and vascular disease
  • Heart attack risk factors, prevention, and treatment 
  • The importance of rehabilitation and exercise
  • The role a heart healthy diet has on blood circulation

Following the discussion and question/answer period, tours will be given of the catheterization labs and the cardiac rehabilitation areas.

The panel of experts includes:

  - Benjamin Keyser, DO, Vascular Surgeon
  - John Pfeifer, MD, Interventional Cardiologist
  - Lisa Brinckman, RN, Director of Heart and Vascular Services
  - Vicki Krebs, RN, Coordinator of Cardiac Rehabilitation
  - Christina O’Rourke, RDN, LDN, Dietitian-Nutritionist


Senior Strong

Topic: Heart Power and Hands Only CPR

Monday, February 10

2:30 pm
Community Health and Wellness



Free Heart Screen

Thursday, February 13

7–10 am

Community Health and Wellness

Screenings include: 

Lipid panel, blood pressure, body composition, cardiac risk and stroke assessments, and blood oxygen saturation. Results will be reviewed by a physician and mailed to you. A 12-hour fast is required prior to your appointment.


Free Varicose and Spider Vein Screen

Tuesday, February 25

8–11 am
Heart and Vascular Center of Evangelical 

This screening includes free examination of varicose and/or spider veins, an overview of treatment options, and free trial treatment, if indicated, that will be provided the same day as the screening or at a follow-up appointment.


Freedom From Smoking

Over the course of eight sessions, learn to overcome tobacco addiction with the help of certified educators. The seven-week program is not a group support session, but rather a one-on-one opportunity that provides the tools needed to be smoke-free.


Be Kind

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