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What do the numbers mean?

Hear from Saquib Siddiqi, MS, DO to learn more about blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and why these numbers are important to understanding your heart health.

Heart Resources & Events

Comprehensive Blood Screening

A low-cost comprehensive blood screening can provide important details about your health, sometimes before symptoms of a condition surface, giving you and your physician the power to plan ahead. Fee includes lipid panel, complete blood count, and CMP. Fee: $50 

Wednesday, February 24

6:30-11 am
The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness
120 Hardwood Drive, Lewisburg, PA


Virtual Cooking Demonstration

The Mediterranean diet, built around plant-based foods, is excellent for heart health. Watch Kimberly Criswell, RDN, LDN, CDE, Dietitian-Nutritionist, as she demonstrates the preparation of a delicious and refreshing Mediterranean bean salad. 


Freedom From Smoking

Over the course of eight sessions, learn to overcome tobacco addiction with the help of certified educators. The seven-week program is not a group support session, but rather a one-on-one opportunity that provides the tools needed to be smoke-free.


My Heart, My Hospital

Raymond "Duff" Ripka shares his incredible story as well as an important message

While only suffering one of the many symptoms associated with a heart attack, Duff's quick action and the expertise of the specialists at Evangelical’s Heart and Vascular Center helped save his life. Now, Duff is back to calling balls and strikes for tomorrow’s Hall of Famers.



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