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  • Evangelical Community Hospital’s Nutritional Services Team Receives Award

    The Nutritional Services team was recently presented with the Team CHOICE Award at Evangelical Community Hospital.

    The Evangelical CHOICE Award recognizes teams within the Evangelical Community Hospital family of facilities who uphold the highest standards of Communication, Hospitality, Ownership, Integrity, Confidentiality, and Empathy. The award is given quarterly to a department out of nominations received from employees and managers.

  • Kendra Aucker Named President and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital

    The board of directors of Evangelical Community Hospital has appointed Kendra Aucker as President and CEO of the Hospital, taking over for Michael O’Keefe, who announced his retirement after nearly 25 years of service with the hospital, a decade of which was in the CEO position.

  • Evangelical Community Health and Wellness to Hold Bike Helmet Safety Program

    Every year, about 300,000 kids go to the emergency department because of bike injuries, and at least 10,000 kids have injuries that require a few days in the hospital. One such injury is head injury, which can mean brain injury. Wearing a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulated bicycle helmet can reduce the chances of your child experiencing a head injury during a fall.

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