Smoking Cessation Courses (QuitSmart)

Learn Good, Healthy Habits 

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Break the Habit for Good

Evangelical Community Hospital’s Smoking Cessation Counseling offers one-on-one counseling to help you break the smoking habit.

The QuitSmart Program

The QuitSmart Program was developed by the director of the prestigious Duke University Stop Smoking Clinic.

Evangelical's counselors are Registered Respiratory Therapists and Certified QuitSmart Leaders. The program consists of four individual sessions each lasting 45 to 60 minutes with the counselor. Each session is tailored to help you quit smoking. 

Smoking Cessation One-on-One Counseling

Session 1


In this session, the reasons for quitting smoking and anticipated difficulties will be reviewed. According to QuitSmart’s philosophy, “Success depends on a firm decision to quit smoking and a willingness to try new coping methods.” A quit date will be chosen and a plan to wean off nicotine is developed. Recommendations for nicotine replacement and/or medications will be discussed at this time.

Session 2

Quit Day

The second session will be held on quit day. The use of coping methods to deal with withdrawal symptoms will be encouraged and new cognitive and behavioral coping skills will be discussed. We will introduce hypnosis as a coping method and give you a hypnosis tape or CD for home practice. A realistic plastic cigarette substitute will be provided to help you overcome the habitual aspects of smoking.

Session 3


The third session is a maintenance session where abstinence is reinforced. Emphasis is placed on being prepared to cope with situations that place you, the new ex-smoker, at risk for relapse. New lifestyle changes are also discussed to add daily pleasurable activities to offset the lost pleasures of smoking. Weight control is reviewed, with advice to avoid aggressive diets while in the acute quitting phase.

Session 4


The fourth session is a follow-up to see how you are coping and to reinforce abstinence and the different coping skills.

Smoking cessation Class

A group is offered for the uninsured or those with insurance that does not cover smoking cessation counseling. The classes are led by Registered Nurses and Certified QuitSmart Leaders. There is a $40 fee for this class; scholarship opportunities are available. For more information, call our Community and Wellness Health Education Department at (570) 768-3200.