Billing FAQ's

Understanding and managing your hospital bills may seem confusing. This information is designed to help you navigate the payment process with ease.

Q: Why did I stop receiving statements?
A: If you did not set up a payment plan and/or you are not making minimum payments on time, you will no longer receive statements.

Q: May I set up payment arrangements?
A: Yes - please contact our self-pay department at 1-866-914-2504.

Q: The bill has the wrong diagnosis code and insurance will not pay. How do I correct this?
A: You must contact your physician's office and have them fax an order with the correct diagnosis.

Q: Are there any discounts, financial aid, etc. available?
A: If you are concerned about your ability to pay or wish to discuss available sources of assistance, please call our Billing Office at 570-768-3000. Or fill out and mail a financial aid application.

Q: May I get a copy of my bill for wellness policies?
A: Yes; you may ask for a copy to be mailed to you.

Q: How do I know I have received all the bills for a particular date-of-service?
A: You may ask our office what specialists were involved and receive their contact information to ensure you have been billed.

Q: For what self-administered drugs am I being charged?
A: We can tell you via phone or mail you a detailed list.

Q: Why am I being billed from Maryland and paying in Boston when I only went to Lewisburg?
A: These are the addresses for return mail/correspondence and the headquarters for the Hospital's bank.

Q: Why am I charged for an ER visit when I left before seeing a doctor?
A: The charges you receive are for triage.

Q: I overpaid. How do I get a refund?
A: We will give you a refund for the amount you overpaid; your check will normally arrive in four weeks.

Q: Where is my account number?
A: On your statement, your account number is located underneath the date in the box that reads "Acct. No." Make sure that you use this number - and not your "P.A.A.N." number - in your correspondence with us.

Q: Is there a fee to pay my bill online?
A: No, there is no fee.