How to Read Your Bill

The following diagram is provided to help you understand the various sections of your bill.

Hover over the image to zoom in on each highlighted section.

Sample Patient Bill Key

  1. This is the address where the Hospital's bank processes return mail and correspondence.
  2. Please refer to this number when inquiring about your bill.
  3. You can save 30% when you pay your bill within 30 days of your statement date.
  4. This address is the headquarters of the hospital's bank.
  5. This is a summary of the charges related to your treatment at Evangelical. Please keep in mind that you may receive additional bills from physicians and specialists, like radiologists and anesthesiologists, who assisted in your care.
  6. This amount is related to your insurance provider and its contract with the hospital.

There is a second page to the statement that contains a change-of-address form.

Further Questions?

If there is a charge or piece of information on your bill that requires further explanation, please call our Self Pay Department at (866) 914-2504.