Childbirth Education Classes

Evangelical’s Community Health and Wellness Center offers a number of educational classes and courses to prepare you and your family for your new arrival.

Prepared Childbirth

This five-week prepared childbirth class is for all expectant parents during the last three months of pregnancy. Classes prepare parents for the physical and emotional effects of labor and delivery of the baby. Registration is required. Choose from several evening classes at the Community Health and Wellness Center.

Weekend Prepared Childbirth

This one-day childbirth class is designed for the busy parents-to-be who are unable to attend the weekly Prepared Childbirth sessions. Everything you need to know about labor and delivery, breathing, and relaxation will be covered in class.

Teen Prepared Childbirth

This course is for all expectant teen parents (or support person) during the last three months of pregnancy. The class prepares parents for the physical and emotional effects of labor and delivery.

Refresher Prepared Childbirth

This course is for parents who have completed a prepared childbirth class, but want a refresher course. Couples are provided with evidence-based information covering current labor techniques. The class is tailored to meet your needs in a personal and informal atmosphere.

Newborn Care

This four-hour class is designed for parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Topics include diapering, bathing, breast and bottle feeding, and newborn appearance, as well as postpartum depression and care of the new mother.

Prenatal Breastfeeding

This one-session class is for all expectant mothers and support persons interested in discussing the advantages of breastfeeding. The course covers common problems, positioning the baby, frequency of feeding, supply and demand, and many other areas of concern.

Hello Baby Class

This class prepares siblings, ages 2 through 10, for the new baby. The children and parents will watch a video entitled “Sibling Silly,” learn about new babies, and visit The Family Place. A nurse educator will speak to the parents about sibling interactions. The children are welcome to bring their favorite doll or stuffed animal.

Child Passenger Safety Inspections

Schedule this one-on-one car seat inspection with an Evangelical Community Health and Wellness Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, prior to delivering your baby. During your appointment, the technician will check the installation of the child seat and offer helpful tips and strategies for safe traveling with the child. Child seats that are six years or older should be replaced before coming to the child seat check. Appointments preferred.

Healthy Beginnings Plus

This is a Maternity Care Program for mom and baby-to-be. You must enroll in the program if you are pregnant and eligible for Medical Assistance. You may be referred to Healthy Beginnings Plus by your physician.

For class fees and to register, please call Community Health and Wellness at 570-768-3200 or click here for a list of upcoming classes.