Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health

Breast MRI

Evangelical Community Hospital is pleased to offer Breast MRI – the newest diagnostic tool in helping detect and treat breast cancer.

Evangelical is only one of two hospitals in the area with this up-to-date technology, allowing patients to benefit from the outstanding imaging techniques and a thorough review of their images by a board certified radiologist.

A Comfortable, Relaxed Environment

Evangelical works to ensure that patients are relaxed and comfortable when receiving a Breast MRI. Therefore, our patients are interviewed and positioned by caring female technologists. Exams are conducted in the Hospital's Imaging Services Department.

Quick, Convenient Care

Evangelical is one of the only Hospitals that images both breasts at the same time for a more complete MRI exam, thus eliminating the need for multiple appointment times.

Early Detection Saves Lives

Annual screening MRI added to annual mammography has been shown to be of value in high risk patients. High risk patients are defined as having a greater than 20 percent lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

How to Schedule

A patient will need to be referred by a physician for a Breast MRI.

A Breast MRI should not be used in place of an annual mammogram, but rather as an additional diagnostic tool, if requested by a physician.

Patients with abnormal mammograms or suspected breast implant leaks can also be further evaluated with the use of Breast MRI.

To make an appointment to discuss Breast MRI with one of our providers, please call (570) 522-4200.