Evangelical Ambulatory

Surgical Center

Patient Forms

The forms available here are provided for your convenience. If instructed by the Admissions Coordinator or another person who scheduled your procedure at the EASC, please download the appropriate documents, fill them out and bring them with you when you come to the EASC for your appointment.

Welcome Packet

Please download, print and bring to your appointment

What is EASC

Located at 210 JPM Road, Evangelical Ambulatory Surgical Center is a same-day surgical center that provides a cost-effective and convenient environment for patients who require outpatient surgery.

EASC is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, certified by Medicare and AAAHC, and affiliated with most major insurances, HMOs and PPOs.

As a multi-specialty facility, EASC features four major operating rooms that are fully equipped with the latest in operating technology, as well as two endoscopy suites, and two pain management procedure rooms. The recovery area has been designed to meet all stages of recovery so the patient does not have to be moved. The center is staffed by certified, experienced nursing staff who can care for pediatric through geriatric patients.

EASC is conveniently located for physicians and their patients and offers superior patient comfort in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

What EASC is Not

EASC is not the same thing as a rural health clinic, urgent care center, or any other ambulatory care center that provides diagnostic or primary health care. EASC treats only patients who have already seen a health care provider and selected surgery as an appropriate treatment. Physician offices are not ambulatory surgical centers. All ambulatory surgical centers must have at least one dedicated operating room and the equipment needed to safely perform surgery and ensure quality patient care.