Pediatric Echocardiography 

Evangelical Community Hospital offers on-site pediatric echocardiography, made possible through a grant from the Kiwanis Foundation.

The pediatric echocardiography equipment enhances the Hospital’s existing echocardiography program in many ways, such as making scheduling more convenient for pediatric echocardiography cases and decreasing a patient’s time in waiting for results.

Added Convenience

Previously, pediatric echocardiography procedures were performed only once a month, when a physician from the Children’s Heart Group at Hershey Medical Center visited Evangelical. With this new equipment, patients can be seen five days a week.

The procedure is performed by Evangelical’s technologists, who send the echocardiograms electronically to physicians at Hershey Medical Center. Hershey physicians read, assess, and electronically return results to Evangelical, all within 24 hours of the patient’s procedure. This leads to a more timely diagnosis and enables Evangelical to treat many more children than in the past.

Our Facility

The pediatric echocardiography room is located in the Hospital’s Imaging Services, and decorated in child-friendly, animal-themed decor. The unit also features a video screen for patients to watch cartoons or movies during their procedure.