Preparing and Planning Ahead

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Preparation for Joint Replacement Surgery

When you and your orthopaedic surgeon decide joint replacement surgery is the best option to relieve pain and restore motion, you will begin the standard preparation for surgery.


Notify your surgeon about any medications you are presently taking. Some medications must be stopped before surgery.

Possible Complications

All surgeries carry certain risks and possible complications. Before surgery, your surgeon will explain the possible complications and what can be done to reduce risks.

Fitness for Surgery

Your orthopedic surgeon might ask you to see your primary care physician to make sure that you do not have any health conditions that may complicate your surgery.

Your surgeon might also recommend that you start a strengthening program before surgery. The prescribed exercises are designed to help add strength and flexibility. Strengthening your muscles before surgery can assist your postoperative recovery.

Blood Donation

You may be asked to donate blood before your surgery. There are several options regarding blood donation and surgery, and all of these options will be explained to you.


Surgery also requires anesthesia. There may be some options regarding anesthesia and they will be explained to you. Your options will be based on your health history, the medications you presently take and the results of your physical examination.