Joint Replacement Day By Day Calendar 

Day 1: Day of joint replacement surgery

Come to Evangelical Community Hospital and park in Parking Lot B. Proceed as directed - either to Central Registration or One-Day Surgery.

Day 2: Day after joint replacement surgery

  • On this day you will be assisted with a bath starting around 6:30 am. You will then receive breakfast around 7:30 am. A member of the surgical team (surgeon or physician assistant) will see you this morning.
  • A physical therapist will also come to evaluate you and assist you with transfers and start you walking with a walker.
  • You will receive an evaluation by the occupational therapist to assist you with activities of daily living (bathing and dressing). We will encourage you to dress in loose comfortable clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt.
  • After lunch, you will participate in a group therapy session for leg exercises and education in preparation for your discharge home. We encourage your coach to participate as much as possible.
  • Due to your busy schedule and the need for rest breaks, we would encourage other visitors to come after 3:30 pm.

Day 3: Second day after joint replacement surgery

  • Your schedule will be very similar to yesterday's schedule. Your occupational therapist will be in early to assist you with bathing and dressing, followed by physical therapy for walking, stairs and individual skills.
  • You will also have group therapy around 10 am. We encourage your coach to participate in the group therapy sessions.
  • Lunch will be served. Your coach will be offered a lunch coupon for two days.
  • You'll begin another group session after lunch.

Day 4: Day of discharge from the Joint Replacement Program

  • Your day will again be similar to yesterday's schedule. This day will be focused on addressing the needs for your discharge home.
  • During therapy, we will increase your independence in bathing, dressing, walking, using stairs, homemaking, car transfers and a home exercise program.
  • Your discharge time will be determined after discussion with the you, your family and the team based on your needs.