Joint Replacement Process

The Joint Replacement Program Process begins six to eight weeks prior to surgery when you get started on a physical strengthening and educational program.

What to Expect

You are encouraged to have a family member or friend attend the pre-surgery educational sessions and to serve as a coach to provide support assistance. A coach assists, supports and encourages you throughout the intensive therapy and rehabilitation process.

  • During the first visit, you will attend an educational session where you will be given booklets of information focusing on the joint replacements you will be receiving. You will go through the booklet with one of our trained nurses, addressing any questions or concerns you have regarding joint replacement. Also included in the educational session is a tour of the department.
  • In preparation for the surgery, you will also be given a physical strengthening routine.
  • The day after surgery, the therapy process begins. Coaches are encouraged to continue support through these final stages by participating with you in group activities such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and meals.
  • You'll have a 3-4 day hospital stay and then return home for continued outpatient therapy.

The Joint Replacement Program promotes a well environment. This unit is not for patients suffering other illnesses.

During your stay, you'll wear your own clothes as you participate in group activities with other patients.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the Joint Replacement Center feel free to contact us at (888) 447-6563.