Infant and Pediatric Hearing

Hearing Services

Good hearing is extremely important for the development of speech and language skills.

At Evangelical, your baby's hearing will be checked to determine if further screening is necessary. Evangelical provides an initial hearing screening for newborns as a community service and it is free of charge. You will be given the results of the hearing screening at the time of the test.

Why Screen Hearing?

Newborn hearing screening is only the first step in monitoring your child's auditory health. Children can develop a hearing loss in the first few years of life due to recurrent ear infections, serious illness, chronic illness or a family history of hearing impairment.

If at any time you feel concerned about your baby's hearing ability or speech and language development, please consult with your family doctor.

The Newborn Hearing Screening program at Evangelical offers information directing parents to the various programs and organizations available.

If Your Baby Fails the First Screening

Your baby may not pass the screening test. It is fairly common for babies to be checked a second time. All efforts will be made to repeat the screening test before your baby goes home or at the time of the mother's postpartum visit. A second screening test does not automatically mean that your child has a hearing loss.

It is very unlikely that your baby has a hearing problem. However, if your baby does not pass the screening, you will be referred to a hearing specialist for additional testing.