Mission Statement and Visiting Guidelines

The Family Place embraces the beauty and diversity of life. It is our privilege to share with you in life’s greatest experience – the birth of your baby.

We respect the importance of support and encourage involvement of family and friends during this joyful event. We also recognize birth as a unique and natural process and extend to you an environment of knowledge, support and nurturing.

Your Rights

You have the right to refuse visitors for any reason by conveying your wishes to the nursing staff.

One person may accompany you into the operating room should your labor result in a cesarean section delivery and you are to be awake for surgery. Your companion attending the cesarean section must agree in advance to leave the room during the procedure if requested by OB/OR personnel.

Due to privacy regulations, nursing staff may not share information about you to your friends and family.

Guidelines for Visitors

  • Be supportive and encouraging to you throughout your stay at The Family Place.
  • Respect the privacy of our patients by not lingering in the hallways.
  • Wait in our reception area until invited to return, if asked to leave a patient’s room.
  • Only use still photography and videotaping when procedures are not being performed.