Grateful Patient Stories

I'm at Home at Evangelical

Why do I love Evan? It’s hard to think of one particular thing that sets this Hospital apart, because everything they do is special. It’s close to home, making it handy for my family to come see me. This is my town; I am home when I’m at Evan. If I have to be in the Hospital, there’s no place else I’d rather be.

Betty M. Heim

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Evangelical's Hospice Gave Us Peace of Mind

I am thankful for all that hospice does. Hospice has special concern for the patient and family. When my mother-in-law was suffering from breast cancer, we utilized many services that Evangelical Hospice provides.

We had nurses that visited twice a week. Each nurse was sensitive to needs, had a listening ear, and was very caring. They all listened to her as an individual. They did not try to change her lifestyle, but wanted to keep her as comfortable as possible. They cared about her (and our entire family) mentally and physically. The nurses were up to date on the latest meds and kept in very good contact with the family doctor. They always checked with him when changing or increasing dosages and to make sure that nothing would interact poorly.

The volunteers were also wonderful. They were willing to listen to our concerns, and help with little things like dishes and putting away groceries. They did everything they could to make it that much easier on us. It was reassuring to mom that she would not be alone. Hospice aides came to bathe mom three times a week. They were very sensitive to her needs and paid special care to her in what could have been an embarrassing situation. We had a wonderful social worker that cared and was concerned about us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I was amazed at how well Hospice kept in touch with us after my mother-in-law passed. They would call to see how we were doing, or send a note on special times like birthdays or anniversaries. They kept in touch for at least a year.

Communication is so very important and my family felt all of the members of the hospice team did a wonderful service of communicating. Evangelical Hospice did so much for our family to give us peace of mind when we were going through a difficult time. They allowed my mother-in-law to spend her last days at home with dignity. I would recommend Evangelical Hospice to anyone.

Linda West

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Evangelical Hospital Provided Us with Angels

Honey, I Promise – I am taking you Home!

I don’t know how many times I must have made that promise to my husband who had been critically injured in a motorcycle accident. As a result of the accident he had suffered multiple skull fractures and numerous bodily injuries. He spent several months in a coma and months in the hospital and a nursing facility. Days turned into months of infections and surgeries requiring hospitalizations, all of which continued to take a toll on his health. Through it all he continued to show miraculous signs of mental recovery and I was finding it more and more difficult to have him live in an environment like this. I kept promising him I was taking him home. I was almost at my wits end as professionals, doctors, nurses, friends and family talked with me about how hard it would be to do that and how would we be able to manage. Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure myself, but I knew someway, somehow, I had to keep my promise to him. I knew I wanted him to be in his own home surrounded by the love of his family and friends and the comfort of his own surroundings, for however long God was allowing him to stay with us.

Then one day, while sitting at his bedside in the hospital, God sent me an Angel. It was a lady from the Evangelical Hospice Organization. I was comforted by the information she shared with me about the services they provide and what their organization was all about. She was very sympathetic and understanding and explained to me that none of us want our loved ones to suffer and that we can have dignity and comfort in dying. We are a comfort care organization there to help manage pain and provide comfort and compassion in the end stages of life. From that day on I felt that God had surrounded us with angels to help us through this most difficult time of our lives. It wasn’t simply the expert medical advice they provided, but the never ending compassion they displayed in helping us care for my husband every day. They treated him as though he were one of their own loved ones and maintained a rapport with him that was heartwarming. The compassion and love was evident in all the volunteers that came to the house. The nurses, social workers, and aides that we got to know were there to help us at every turn. Each day one of them would stop by the house to assess medical needs, monitor his nutrition, provide housekeeping or bathing assistance, or perhaps to help obtain the proper prescriptions, medical equipment and/or other personnel that were needed for his care. They were able to take away so much of the stress and the unknowns while all the time keeping my husband first and foremost. All these things allowed us to have more quality, personal time to share with him. Hospice provided loving care, not only to my husband who was ill and dying, but the entire family. They also provided spiritual and psychological help that we as caregivers needed desperately. We became not just people in a circle of despair but friends in a circle or warmth, all being held together by the loving man that was our focus. They kept reminding us that they were there to mange his pain and to provide comfort. He would not be allowed to suffer and as his days grew fewer, we knew they were doing their very best to keep that promise. They were constant in their vigilance throughout his last hours. They stayed with us and administered pain measures and kept reassuring us he was in no pain all the while allowing us the privacy we needed. Even after his passing they were there to provide grief counseling and show concern for how we were doing.

I cannot say enough about this wonderful organization. I do not know how we could have managed to get through all of this without their love and support. To this day, as I walk through the hospital and see the posters displaying the words “Everyday Angels” I am reminded of each and everyone of the people we met through Hospice. I am so comforted by the decision I made to allow them to help me keep my promise to my husband and allow him to come home. My deep appreciation and love to all who were involved.


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Acknowledge the Good in Evangelical

My husband and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the staff at Evangelical Hospital. Our 11 year-old son was recently admitted to your facility and stayed 8 days on the pediatric floor. The care and compassion he received was incredible. Brenda, Debbie, Cindy, Janice, Becky, and Ann were the nurses who cared for our son. They were all so caring and warm and I just can't say enough about them. These nurses not only were warm, friendly, and compassionate to my son but, extended their kindness to me. Too often today people only complain about all the bad things that go wrong and forget to acknowledge the good. We wanted to let you know how truly wonderful and great your hospital is and ALL of the staff who took care of our son and helped in getting him well again. THANK YOU for all you have done for our family.

Jacinda & Todd

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Evangelical Helped Me Get Back on My Feet

I had bilateral knee replacements in 2006 at Evangelical Hospital. My entire hospital stay was a most positive experience. I encountered many caring, knowledgeable, and helpful people. All were goal-oriented to get me back on my feet. I credit Dr. Charles Cole and the staff at "Joint Camp" for returning my life to me. I am most grateful.


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Birthing at Evan Is a Family Tradition

I am so grateful to Evan Hospital and the care they provide for our area. I was born at Evan Hospital. I also gave birth to my two daughters there. I remember receiving excellent care during my labor and delivery. My oldest daughter delivered her first child at Evan in April 2005 and in June of 07 she delivered her second child there. Words cannot express how impressed we are by the care she received both times. The nurses and staff are so caring and concerned at the Family Place. Things have changed drastically since I had my children. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed and the birthing rooms provide the mothers everything they need during labor and delivery from beginning to end. I love Evan Hospital and the care they have provided to my family. Hats off to Evan.


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Evan's ER Excels

In June I woke up with a horrible ear infection. It was unbearable. I took off to the Evan ER and got there around 4 a.m. I went to the desk. A few minutes later I was whisked away to the nurses desk. Within minutes I was in a room waiting to see a doctor. I was there in that room no longer than ten minutes when Dr. Gessner came in. He diagnosed me with bilateral ear infections, prescribed meds and sent me on my way. I was home within the hour before my husband and 20 month-old woke up. The service was quick and friendly even in the wee hours of the morning. Thank you to the ER and Dr. Gessner for treating me so kindly.

Mary New

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Evan's Strength Is its Staff

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the physicians, O.R. staff, 2nd surgical wing and the entire staff at Evan for the fine, professional care they gave me during my recent stay at the hospital.

At all times I felt their primary concern was my comfort and welfare. Be assured that their efforts are noticed and greatly appreciated by those they serve. A special thanks to those who were willing to monitor me and attend to my needs at 2 and 3 a.m., in the E.R. and the 2nd surgical wing (RM 231-1).

At the end of their shifts, they should feel pride and satisfaction for the comfort and healing they provide. Their task is not an easy one. Evan, no doubt, has an enviable reputation as a community hospital. Its strength lies not only in its structures and facilities, but mainly its staff.

Again, my sincere thanks for putting me on the road to recovery.


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