What Your Donations Mean

Making a gift to Evangelical Community Hospital can be one of the most rewarding ways that you can donate.

With any donation, large or small, you can help us provide products and services that our patients need, allowing us to continue providing excellent service to your friends, family, neighbors and fellow community members.

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What Your Money Can Buy

The figures shown are estimates and representative of services and programs provided at Evangelical Community Hospital. Your gift will make a difference to our patients in the department or area you choose to support with outcomes similar to the ones listed.

Examples of Items and Services Your
Dollars Help Purchase

Blood Sugar Test – $13
Gloves – $42
Anti-Embolism Stockings – $15/pair
CPR Stress Test – $320
One Wheelchair – $400
Digital Mammogram – $470
Skin Cancer Screening – $85
Hospice Care – $169
Sleeping Chairs – $1,700
Dynamap Telemetry Unit – $2,609

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