Using Your Talents

Evangelical volunteers assist in nearly every area of the Hospital. As a volunteer, you will be assigned tasks based on how your interests, skills and availability match the needs of the program.

Our program operates during the day and in the evening seven days a week, so your hours will be tailored to meet your individual schedule.

A Rewarding Experience

Volunteering enriches your life as you help others. The challenge of learning new skills and assuming new roles helps you realize new, rewarding levels of personal development.

Couples can work together or independently. Students (13 years old or older) can gain experience and become acquainted with a variety of health careers. Plus, volunteers help the Hospital and community keep in touch with changing needs and expectations.

Please accept our invitation to join the volunteer program at Evangelical Community Hospital.

“Since my husband, Frank, began working at Evangelical Community Hospital it has been “our” hospital. In the course of a day, I pass people in the hallways who are in need of some type of assistance. As I help them, their obvious relief and thankfulness become a bright shining moment of encouragement that infuses the rest of my day with a joy that strengthens my resolve to continue to volunteer.”

~Dorell Orzolek, Utility Plant Secretary Volunteer

Beautician Services

Evangelical offers beautician services by appointment. Patients can receive a haircut, wash and style free of charge. Patients can make a request for this service through their nurses.