Cancer Survivorship

Thanks to advances in cancer screening, early detection, and treatment, cancer survivors are living longer than ever before. An estimated 13.7 million Americans with a history of cancer are alive today, and the number of survivors is projected to grow each year as baby boomers age and more progress is made in the fight against cancer.

Individuals who have had cancer are survivors from initial diagnosis through the balance of life. Survivors have significant medical and psychosocial needs following their active treatment phase.

A pioneer in survivorship care, Evangelical Community Hospital provides a range of programs and support to help survivors manage their unique needs and challenges after cancer treatment.

The Survivorship Program includes:

  • Distress screenings
  • Retreats and workshops
  • Support Groups
  • Survive Well - a six week program that supports survivors during the active phase of treatment for cancer and beyond. Topics include: Nutrition, yoga, massage, wellness, goal setting, and more.

 Breast Cancer Survivorship

In addition to the programs listed above breast cancer survivors may take advantage of:

  • A couples retreat for breast cancer survivors and their spouses
  • Coping Series: Meet once a week for four weeks and hear from experts on a variety of topics of interest for those recently diagnosed. This event is scheduled each October, includes dinner each evening, and is free of charge to all participants.

We want all survivors to thrive and live a healthy, cancer-free life. Please call 570-522-4238 for information about any of these programs or services.