Life After Total Joint Replacement Surgery

After having carefully planned for your total joint replacement surgery, it is important to understand how your life will be affected by the surgery. All surgeries require recovery time, so our team has prepared the following guides help you understand what to expect after your surgery.

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What Happens After Total Hip Replacement

Postoperative, you will likely undergo physical therapy soon after surgery. You will use supportive devices at first, but gradually regain your independence through required daily exercise until you achieve full mobility, usually around 12 weeks after surgery.

What Happens After Total Knee Replacement

After the initial pain of surgery has subsided, you will begin a personalized physical therapy regimen. A daily exercise routine is important to restore strength and prevent postoperative scarring. You will continue to improve for approximately 12 weeks, after which you will generally be able to participate in any activities that do not risk injury to the new joint.