Published: 01/23/2013

American Legion of New Berlin Supports Evangelical Hospice With Generous Donation

American Legion Post 957 of New Berlin recently presented Evangelical Community Hospital a check for $11,754 to support the Evangelical Hospice program. Each year, Legion Post 957 gives back by supporting community outreach efforts that make an impact on the lives of others. Evangelical Hospice was selected as a recipient of the Legion’s support because of the Hospice does in the community and the ways in which they care for families and friends when they have to say goodbye to a loved one.
Evangelical Hospice is a program of specially trained individuals who dedicate themselves to easing the pain and suffering of the terminally ill and their families through supportive care. Volunteers visit with patients and families, provide bereavement services, and assist in the Hospice office. No healthcare experience is required to become a Hospice volunteer. For more information about the Hospice program or becoming a volunteer, please call (570) 522-2550. 
Pictured from left to right: Michael O’Keefe, President/CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital; Martin Russell, Commander of Legion Post 957; Kay Holdren, Director of Evangelical Hospice; Robert Schuller, Vice Commander; Harry Miller, Service Officer; Jim Ruhl, Treasurer of Home Association all of Legion Post 957.